Find out why artificial grass is good for Playgrounds

A lot of playgrounds are starting to make the switch from traditional grass, gravel, or even concrete to artificial grass. It is the ideal material for playgrounds for a lot of different reasons. One of the most popular reasons that people prefer it for playgrounds is because if a child falls on it, they are going to get grass stains or scraps from concrete. 

Natural grass requires attention on a weekly basis. You can easily spend eight to twelve hours just spraying it for bugs, which is something that needs to be done at least once a year. Artificial grass is a good choice for playgrounds because it is a lot easier to maintain than natural grass. There is a process of getting it installed but once it is in, there will be very little maintenance, if any, needed. All you will have to do is walk around and pick up any stray leaves or branches. There are also no harmful chemicals used to treat artificial grass, unlike natural grass. 

Since there is constant foot traffic on playgrounds, it can be tough for natural grass to withstand it. Over time the grass will begin to die and not come back. This means that dirt pathways will start to emerge. These pathways will soon become low spots where water will gather. As the kids play in these areas, they will get dusty and dirty. This is not a problem with artificial grass, no more grass or dirt stains! You won’t need to worry about standing water on artificial grass either, because everything needs to be level before it is installed. 

ATS Turf is a great investment because over time it will end up saving you money. It is a lot of money but if you consider how much you will save over time, it is money that is well spent. You aren’t going to have to pay someone weekly or biweekly to come in and take care of it. Some other things you will not have to pay for would be fertilizer, grass seed, and bug sprays.

If you are trying to decide between keeping your natural grass or installing artificial, it is quite apparent which is the better option. With artificial grass, you will be able to save money, time and energy. It will also look nicer for a longer time, plus if anyone falls you don’t have to worry about any injuries.