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Plan ahead for an awesome summer

Summers are always known to be one of the most enjoyable season! They are perfect to be able to spend some quality time with your friends and family members, and they are perfect to be able to experience new things as well. If you have synthetic grass, here are all of the things that you can do to have an amazing upcoming summer.

1.) One very fun activity that you and your family members can do if you have synthetic grass, is to host picnics and events in your backyard! Synthetic grass will give you the opportunity to host events such as parties or small picnics without having to worry about whether or not your draws will become damaged. You and your guest will be able to enjoy running around or playing games on the grass without having to worry about damaging the grass.

2.) Another great thing that you and your family members can do during the summer is to play games with your children. You will be able to play hide and seek, play cards, soccer or even football with your children without having to worry about maintaining the grass healthy. Synthetic grass does not need very much maintenance, and this will allow you and your family to be able to enjoy running around on the grass and having a good time together.

3.) During the summer, you will be able to have water balloon fight with your children and close friends. Sam’s synthetic grass does not require a lot of maintenance, you can invest that time and energy into setting up games that your children will be sure to love and enjoy instead. Setting up games like water balloon fights, hide and seek or even tag will be able to give you the opportunity to create new memories with your children and your close friends.

Having synthetic grass comes with many benefits that you can take advantage of. One of the very big and most common advantage that comes with having synthetic grass is not having to constantly worry about maintaining the garage is healthy and growing at a quick pace. Real grass requires you to spend most of the mornings watering it and constantly mowing it as well. All that you have to do to make sure that synthetic grass is clean is to make sure to clean it up at least once a month. This will help ensure that there is no more bacteria growing inside of it.

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Find out why artificial grass is good for Playgrounds

A lot of playgrounds are starting to make the switch from traditional grass, gravel, or even concrete to artificial grass. It is the ideal material for playgrounds for a lot of different reasons. One of the most popular reasons that people prefer it for playgrounds is because if a child falls on it, they are going to get grass stains or scraps from concrete. 

Natural grass requires attention on a weekly basis. You can easily spend eight to twelve hours just spraying it for bugs, which is something that needs to be done at least once a year. Artificial grass is a good choice for playgrounds because it is a lot easier to maintain than natural grass. There is a process of getting it installed but once it is in, there will be very little maintenance, if any, needed. All you will have to do is walk around and pick up any stray leaves or branches. There are also no harmful chemicals used to treat artificial grass, unlike natural grass. 

Since there is constant foot traffic on playgrounds, it can be tough for natural grass to withstand it. Over time the grass will begin to die and not come back. This means that dirt pathways will start to emerge. These pathways will soon become low spots where water will gather. As the kids play in these areas, they will get dusty and dirty. This is not a problem with artificial grass, no more grass or dirt stains! You won’t need to worry about standing water on artificial grass either, because everything needs to be level before it is installed. 

ATS Turf is a great investment because over time it will end up saving you money. It is a lot of money but if you consider how much you will save over time, it is money that is well spent. You aren’t going to have to pay someone weekly or biweekly to come in and take care of it. Some other things you will not have to pay for would be fertilizer, grass seed, and bug sprays.

If you are trying to decide between keeping your natural grass or installing artificial, it is quite apparent which is the better option. With artificial grass, you will be able to save money, time and energy. It will also look nicer for a longer time, plus if anyone falls you don’t have to worry about any injuries. 

Life is tough, but so is turf distributors grass

Life events are tough on the grass in a yard. There are several things that can have an impact on the condition of the grass. Bad weather can damage or flood the lawn. If the children play this can lead to damaged areas. Pets can dig up a lawn or turn the grass yellow. There can be issues with proper drainage. It is not an easy task to keep a yard looking great and keep the grass looking healthy.

 There is a way to keep the lawn looking great all year no matter what happens to it. Synthetic turf is easy to take care of and will be able to stand up to the abuse that a normal yard takes.

 Synthetic grass is designed to be durable and will last throughout the years. The turf will always look smooth and is ready to be used. There will be no muddy areas, no dead or yellowing sports, and the grass will be green at all times. You do not have to worry about loved ones or pets brining mud or dirt into your home if you have synthetic grass.

 Synthetic grass is low maintained. It does not have to be mowed or trimmed. No chemicals or fertilizers are needed to help the grass look great.

 It is green all year and during every season. 

 The fake grass will have a natural look. It will look like a lawn that is lush and healthy. It will make your neighbors think that you spend hours taking care of your lawn.

 AGR Grass is cost-efficient. Once it is installed you will not have to pay for maintenance costs. You will not even have to purchase a lawnmower.

 Insects will not build nests or other forms of shelter on artificial turf. 

 Artificial turf is great for draining. There will be no puddles or wet spots.

 The fake grass is soft and comfortable to walk on. It is even comfortable for pets to step on.

 This grass is clean and free from chemicals and insects.

 Synthetic turf is safe to use. It will not harm children or pets. 

 You do not have to wait any longer to have a green and lush lawn. You should check out qualified professionals and help them find a turf that is suited for your backyard. You can begin to enjoy your lawn in no time at all. You can even get a free quote on how much your synthetic turf lawn will cost. It is more affordable than you may think.

Fake grass saves you money on lawn care

Are you tired of spending so much money on something that you are barely getting any use out of, why not install turf? Maintaining a yard that you are proud of takes a lot of money and if you aren’t using the yard for anything then why waste so much money on it? You aren’t out there running around with the kids or the dog, and you definitely don’t have the time to be grilling out with friends and family. So stop spending money to take care of your yard.

But if you stop spending money on your yard then how is your yard going to stay maintained? I have two words for you that will answer that question right away. Synthetic Turf. Synthetic turf, sometimes referred to as Artificial grass or fake grass, is a carpet that you put over your lawn and it will take away all your yard maintenance.

I am serious, this is something that you can’t pass up if you are only maintaining your yard to make it look nice. If you get synthetic turf you don’t have to buy any kind of weed killers, bug repellents, and you don’t have to mow or trim up anything because this grass is completely fake, and it won’t grow or die.

It is forever green and you never have to worry about that changing. This is a lawn that you can be proud of and you don’t ever have to worry about the color fading because it hasn’t rained. This grass only needs water every few months to refill the intake and once you have done that, you are all done. Fake grass requires no lawn care aside from you refilling the water intake and maybe raking it every once in a while, to keep the grass blades fluffy. If you are tired of spending so much on lawn care, just stop paying for it and buy yourself some synthetic grass instead.

Synthetic grass can make your outside awesome again

When is the weather is beautiful it can be crazy to not take an advantage of it. But it can be hard to enjoy the weather if your yard is less than perfect. You can’t invite your friends over and you can’t have fun outdoor activities if your lawn needs major maintenance. You could always take a few days to clean it up and make it look nice, you could hire a professional landscaper and they could have your yard fixed up in day. Or you can put in synthetic turf and never have to worry about a less than perfect lawn ever again.

Synthetic grass is just like the grass that you currently have except this grass doe not require you to do any sort of maintenance on it to make it look nice. The reason for this is that it is a fake grass carpet that is placed and installed on top of your lawn. It does not grow, it does not have any dirt, it doesn’t need water. It is just a synthetic carpet that looks like your lawn and that is what makes it so great.

If you have synthetic turf installed you are opening up your yard to so many activities that you probably don’t even know about yet. To show you how amazing of an investment this really is I will list some perks to having synthetic grass.

You can use it as a backyard play area for your pets or kids and you will know that they are safe because the ground is more cushioned than it was with natural grass. You can play golf with friends because this is the same turf that they use on football fields and golf courses. You will have a big free backyard for picnics. 

And that is just the beginning of it, if you are interested in getting an artificial turf installer you can contact Artificial Grass Liquidators to get started on that right away.