The Wicked House of Rohan

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The Wicked House of Rohan Anne Stuart is available to download Kathleen's brother was Rohan's best friend a lifetime ago, and while she recognizes him - she's had a crush on him for years - he remains clueless as to her identity.This material is available do download at on Anne Stuart's eBooks, Though he is host to the affair, his ennui is such that he's not all that interested even in this level of debauchery, so when Kathleen acquiesces to the plan only if he is not the one to deflower her, he readily agrees.The Wicked House of ... Textbook But he cannot let things alone, and assures that Kathleen is fed and made as comfortable as possible for the big night even as she's locked into a room to prevent escape. This being an Anne Stuart story, there's a marked "fly in a spiderweb" feel to the attraction between Kathleen and the wicked, wicked Rohan. While I found myself wishing for more story, it was complete unto itself. Yes, it was condensed in terms of time, but the premise lent itself to the abbreviated word count. Don't read it looking for reality, historical or otherwise this is purely an adult fairy tale, and when thought of like that, it succeeds wonderfully.

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