The Changing South Pacific: Identities and Transformations

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The Changing South Pacific: Identities and Transformations Serge Tcherkezoff is available to download Product Description: The texts collected in this volume take an anthropological approach to the variety of contemporary societal problems which confront the peoples of the contemporary South Pacific: religious revival, the sociology of relations between local groups, regions and nation-States, the problem of culture areas, the place of democracy in the transition of States founded on sacred chiefdoms, the role of ceremonial exchanges in a market economy, and so forth.This material is available do download at on Serge Tcherkezoff's eBooks, Each chapter presents a society seen from a specific point of view, but always with reference to the issue of collective identity and its confrontation with history and change.The Changing South Pacific: ... Textbook The collection thus invites the reader to understand how the inhabitants of these societies seek to affirm both an individual identity and a sense of belonging to the contemporary world. In doing so, it informs the reader about the contemporary realities experienced by the inhabitants of the South Pacific, with a view to contributing to an intercultural dialogue between the reader and these inhabitants.

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