Pleasure Slave

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Pleasure Slave Ann Jacobs is available to download Product Description: Book 2 in the Pleasure Partners series.This material is available do download at on Ann Jacobs's eBooks, Guy Stone is now a cyborg who can never go home to Earth.Pleasure Slave Textbook He wants a new life on Luna Ten…and a soul mate. A woman who will bow to his domination and revel in the satisfaction as he uses her body to sate his powerful desires.When Guy sees Cassie, he vows to have her. She’s looking for a high-tech sexbot. He can pass as one—he already has the appropriate piercings. All he needs is the right jewels to enhance them and a shave. When she chooses him at the sex shop, he’s ready to play. The sex is incredible and Cassie is a natural submissive. Now Guy just has to convince her that he’s worth permanent exile from her home, her way of life.Reader Advisory: This book contains a loving, uninhibited public sex scene.

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