Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 4th Edition

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[MULTI] Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 4th EditionHi Dears! If You Want download [MULTI] Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 4th Edition after clicking On Download Link(In Code Section), Please Wait For 5-8 Second. Then You Can Click On Skip Ads! Button. Enjoy!! [center] Martin Christopher, "Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 4th Edition" FT Pr... | 2011-01-06 | ISBN: 0273731122 | 288 pages | PDF | 3,2 MB[/center] In todays highly competitive, global marketplace the pressure on organizations to find new ways to create and deliver value to customers grows ever stronger. Gradually, in emerging economies as well as mature markets, the power of the buyer has overtaken that of the customer. The rules are different in a buyers market. In particular customer service becomes a key differentiator as the sophistication and demands of customers continually increase. At the same time, market maturity combined with new sources of global competition has led to over-capacity in many industries leading to an inevitable pressure on price. Price has always been a critical competitive variable in many markets and the signs are that it will become even more of an issue as the "commoditization" of markets continues. It is against this backdrop that the discipline and philosophy of logistics and supply chain management has moved to the centre stage over the last two decades. The concept of integration within the business and between businesses is not new, but the acceptance of its validity by managers is. There has been a growing recognition that it is through logistics and supply chain management that the twin goals of cost reduction and service enhancement can be achieved. Better management of the "pipeline" means that customers are served more effectively and yet the costs of providing that service are reduced. This is the focus of this second edition of Logistics and Supply Chain Management. The basic themes and underlying structure of the book have not changed from the first edition but as ideas progress and best practice gets even better, the need for revision and up-dating becomes inevitable. The updated 4th edition of the bestselling Logistics and Supply Chain Management is the practical guide to all the key topics in an integrated approach to supply chains, including: -The link between logistics and customer value -Logistics and the bottom line ? measuring costs and performance -Creating a responsive supply chain -Managing the global pipeline -Managing supply chain relationships -Managing risk in the supply chain -Matching supply and demand -Creating a sustainable supply chain -Product design in the supply chain Download from wupload.com Code: Code: Download from .com Code:

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