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Cinder Marissa Meyer is available to download I thought Prince Kai was a great hero.This material is available do download at on Marissa Meyer's eBooks, I noticed several other reviewers did not agree with his ability to be so distracted by Cinder despite the utter pandemonium happening in his life, but I do not find myself agreeing at all.Cinder Textbook I think that even if your life is going crazy and you're unhappy and trying to figure out how to make it to the next day without going insane, you still need something to keep you afloat. For Prince Kai, this something was Cinder. The romance was also believable. I believed every word they said, every hope they dared dream, and every possibility of their togetherness. I also loved most of the miscellaneous minor plot quirks and secondary characters. I thought that restoring the car was fun, but I did wonder how she managed to learn to drive it. I loved Iko and I hope to see her again (a lot!) in future books. I loved the doctor and Cinder's storage compartment located in her leg and the descriptions of the city. The entire world was really beautiful and alive in my head, which always makes for a pleasant reading experience. The plot kept me completely entertained the entire time. While the story with the Lunar Queen was a little farfetched and, at times, almost a little silly and unbelievable, it was still interesting. I look forward to seeing how this particular plotline continues in future novels. Queen Levana is quite the formidable foe and I'm excited to see how Cinder knocks her down and picks up the pieces. To everyone who complained the questions were not answered: This is the first in a four book series! Of course not all the questions were answered! I'm sure questions will be answered later on and, if they are not, then you can go ahead and complain about it.

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